About The Organizer

Medyafors is one of the successful trade fair organizer company which produces the leading trade fair events in Turkey and worldwide with partner companies from past until today. Our mission is to contribute to various factors such as; add value to the global and Turkish economy, provide social benefits for our community and benefit from environmentally friendly approaches.

Under the motto of; “Details are important.” Medyafors not only provides solutions to necessities but also sustains its policy to deliver services that surpasses the standards. Moreover, company dedicated to the principle of top quality service in every single part of its projects with its highly qualified employees. Medyafors systematically continues to realize its sustainable projects on a long term basis. Our projects consist of; Be My Franchise Franchising&Dealership Trade Fair, Be My Franchise Magazine, Be My Franchise Newspaper and Bemyfranchise.com.tr

Be My Franchise Franchising&Dealership Trade Fair consistently brings together franchise concepts, at all investment levels, with the most qualified visitors seeking to own their own business and Be My Franchise Website and Magazine have an important role on the decision of investors for a while in the country.

Medyafors events offer lead generation and the face to face opportunities to grow your business. Medyafors also has a long term global partnerships with other exhibition organizer companies around of the world such as; US, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia and this prestigious partnership provides global opportunities to our clients.