The Sedar franchisee can expect to deliver the highest quality window fashions at competitive prices. From simple mini blinds to opulent and embellished drapes, the options for beautifying a customer’s home are endless. The Sedar franchise network will be constantly enriched with new designs and ideas to stay ahead in the industry. Throughout its history, Sedar has built solid relationships with the world’s largest suppliers; ensuring great quality and value are passed to the franchisees all the time. Sedar also operates to specific standards to ensure a consistent brand image , quality, and customer experience. This gives the franchisee an easier approach to this business. Sedar has at the moment over 20 showrooms located in prime locations in the MENA region, serving a multicultural base of middle to high-end income customers. The size of a typical Sedar outlet is between 4,000 sq.ft and 25,000 sq. ft with a customer flow of 10 to 20 customers per day.

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