Brocolli Pizza & Pasta

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta is a specialized pizza and pasta concept where food is prepared fresh on the spot. The pizza dough, pasta along with their sauces is freshly made in the store. The menu presents a wide selection of pizza, pasta and salads inspired from all around the globe.

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta serves fresh Italian food, all day, every day, across 5 different countries, with daily affordable pricing. Our restaurants are designed for ease of use, and customer flow, while giving an interactive experience with the customer through live cooking. We drive footfall, and increase the interest and attractiveness of an area. The combination of both pizza and pasta gives us an edge over our competitors who serve either just one, and due to the freshness of the food, the fact that everything is made onsite in each restaurant and not in a central kitchen gives us advantage over everyone else. Broccoli Pizza & Pasta has seen rapid growth in the United Arab Emirates and is now expanding into the UK and Europe! The first unit of Broccoli Pizza & Pasta was opened in 2011 in Tecom, in the center of Dubai. Currently there are 50 restaurants open in 5 different countries at a rapid rate with over 65 under construction, and 150 franchisees who have signed leases with units ready to start construction. On our five-year anniversary, we have opened our 50th restaurant serving up exceptional food at great prices. Pasta gives us the edge over our competitors, and each customer can customize their own meal, and due to the freshness of the food, the fact that everything is made onsite in each restaurant and not in a central kitchen ensures quality of everything that is served. In the first quarter of 2017, we have already welcomed on board over 30 new franchisees across the UAE, UK, and KSA and we will be enrolling another 50 over the next 2 months, in sites across the all three countries. Broccoli Pizza & Pasta encourages all business people who want to start their own empire or add to their existing one to look at our exceptionally profitable model. As a family restaurant, take away and delivery model, we as a brand are able to capitalize on our ability to mould our model to whatever the space or location desires, while ensuring success through our extensive...

Franchise Conditions


5 - 10 years

Available Areas


Royalty Fee

5 %


United Kingdom


1000-1500 (Sq Ft)

Operational Outlets


Franchise Fee

US$ 30,000