Be My Franchise? Gıda Dışı Bayilik/Franchise Fuarı 2024

Non-Food Franchise Exhibiton

18-21 April 2024

Be My Franchise?
Non-Food Franchise Exhibition

This powerful event provides a unique platform to showcase Turkey's manufacturing strength and quality production on the international stage, offering opportunities for master franchise or country, city, and regional dealership agreements. If your brand produces products or services in a non-food sector and aims to grow through the franchise or dealership system, Be My Franchise 2024 fair is tailor-made for you!

By introducing your brand to domestic and international investors at this fair, you can unlock new dealer/franchisee opportunities, accelerating your growth and expansion goals. Turkey's entrepreneurial spirit and productivity have garnered global interest, and this fair presents the opportunity to showcase this enchanting potential to the entire world.

Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023
Bayim Olur musun? 2023


Would You Like to Be My Franchise Non-Food Franchise Exhibition has, since its inception 21 years ago, made significant contributions to the franchise sales and growth of participating brands; achieving notable success in the competition among world franchise fairs in terms of square meters, participants, and visitor numbers.

This year, we continue to be the main sponsor of the fair as REDSTONE. We have established excellent connections both domestically and internationally. The investor interest in the fair this year is outstanding, and through our discussions, we realized that we are in the right place.

Due to our advantageous franchise options, we have received very serious inquiries. I invite all brands to participate in this wonderful event and set up booths in 2023.


REDSTONE / Chairman of the Board

Evrim Kırmızıtaş Başaran - Redstone

We have been attending the fair for 9-10 years now. This year, we saw more than 200 brands exhibit.

The perspective of the industries has changed and widened. We saw real estate, technology, etc. companies came to sign franchise deals.


FM KAHVE / Founding Partner

Naim Koca - FM Kahve

This year, we are at the franchise fair again for the second time. You can meet investors from all over Turkey and discuss your brand here. Furthermore, being able to talk face to face adds a new level of excitement.

Establishments seeking franchises should be present because investors are.


COFFY / Brand Director

Gökçe Nemli - Coffy

Bayim Olur musun Fuarı’na ilk kez katılıyoruz. Alan olarak çok güzel ve ziyaretçilerin rahatlıkla gezebileceği bir yer. Bu fuarı deneyimlemek lazım.

Özellikle yurt dışından çok güzel talepler aldık. Bence hazır giyimciler rağbet göstermeli.


DENIGMA JEANS / Kategori Yöneticisi

Boğaç Han Hanlı - Denigma jeans

Many growing brands and those looking to expand their franchise operations could be seen at the fair, and it was clear that they took their investments and care seriously. There was a lot of interest from visitors.

We will plan for participation in the fair according to our progress in the first 6 months of 2024.


DOLU KAŞIK / Founder

Tuğcihan Tektaş - Dolu Kaşık
Yenikapı Franchise Fuarı
Yenikapı Franchise Fuarı

12.000 m2 Fuar Alanı

Dr. Mimar Kadir Topbaş Gösteri ve Sanat Merkezi

The New Center of Fair Organization

Yenikapı, especially in terms of visitor transportation, offers significant advantages with a central location. It serves as a hub for both private vehicles, providing various route options for arriving guests, and public transportation, including all facilities of the metro system.

Embracing the Marmara Region from the sea, the exhibition area provides unique transportation opportunities through district and inter-city IDO (Istanbul Sea Buses) voyages. Managed by Beltur A.S., the 12,000 m2 Istanbul-Yenikapı Eurasia Exhibition & Art Center is equipped with all the technical infrastructure and social amenities required for fair organizations.